About Tiny House Adalı

Adalı İnşaat Taahhüt Makine San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. was established in 1985, headquartered in Tekirdag. In the first years, it provided production solutions to factories in Turkey and abroad, has signed many projects on the manufacturing and assembly works of industrial machines. In the following years, it added steel structure manufacturing to its product range and specialized in steel structure construction works of industrial buildings, commercial houses and residences.

In order to present the structures that can meet every need to its customers, it added the "Steel House" and Prefabricated Building applications to its structure in 1999.

By producing economical and fast solutions with proven customer satisfaction values, Adalı A.Ş. has built over 350000m² of steel structures to date.

The main reason why Adalı A.Ş. is among the leaders of the sector is that it adopts the perspective of "100% customer satisfaction with zero errors" in all its productions. Thanks to its experienced application teams, it has succeeded in completing many of the projects it has undertaken in a short time.

Adalı A.Ş., which has the mission of being the follower of the developing world and the pioneer of environmentally friendly practices, started to produce mobile tiny structures with the brand "Tiny House Adalı" in 2019. These tiny mobile homes promise an alternative to urban life, a simple but comfortable life intertwined with nature. Tiny House Adalı is also able to offer modern and innovative solutions to the business world with its special design elements.

“Tiny House Adalı” houses, although small in square meters, can accommodate a comfortable office, a stylish store, a mobile restaurant or all the elements suitable for the job of your dreams.

Although Tiny House Adalı looks like a home/office/business place, it is actually a caravan licensed vehicle with license plate and highway exit permits. It is possible to see and visit these houses produced by Adalı A.Ş. in the Tiny House Adalı showroom in Tekirdag.

The design and production of our products are carried out by our expert teams in our production facility in Tekirdag.

About Tiny House Adalı

About Tiny House Adalı

About Tiny House Adalı